Aceros Corona S.R.L.
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ACEROS CORONA S.R.L. is an Argentine foundry that has been supplying high quality special steels for long. It was established in December 2003 by its present owners: Eng. Adolfo Koblecovsky and his sons, Marcelo Javier and Alejandro Maximiliano. There is a family history behind this company that goes back to 1973, when Adolfo Koblecovsky and his brothers Raúl and Alfredo founded "Inoxidables Lincoln S.R.L." in the city of Wilde, Avellaneda district, with the purpose of manufacturing the parts that several industries were importing by that time. The company also developed special alloys for producing parts to be supplied to different industries. At current, the firm sells its production both domestically and abroad. New customers, investments on new technologies and training to the staff were increasingly developed, in line with the company's enterprising vision. Quickly, the firm became a foundry strongly committed to quality, to the continuous development of its customers' needs and to projects for growing. By the end of the nineties, the acquisition of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment allowed us to meet more stringent technical specifications, which in turn let us keep to our commitment of giving our customers the best quality at the lowest cost. Most of our production is intended to supply the following markets: automotive, chemical, petrochemical, food, steel-making, pumps and valves and heat-treatment grids. Domestically, we are also a widely renowned organization because we specialize in manufacturing complex alloys. The company counts on certification of quality ISO 9001:2008 and our Quality Assurance and Environmental Management systems are being designed in such a way as to satisfy both our customers' expectations and our strategic targets for the international market. The castings we produce cover a wide range of items demanded by a great deal of industries. They are made according to international standards and to our customers' specifications. Our facilities allow us to carry out the following operations: pattern-making, melting, molding, finishing and machining.

Aceros Corona S.R.L.

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